The Right Decision Right Now

Our RTES platform takes the human error out of analyzing your data by automatically producing real-time actions.


The Possiblities Are Endless

The RTES platform is the only solution on the market that includes all of the major decision making algorithms. From complex event processing to optimization to machine learning – we have you covered!

Data Science Canvas

Entrigna’s Data Science Canvas tool lets you create data models in minutes rather than weeks.

Fully Customizable

RTES can be customized to meet all of your business needs no matter your industry.

We Grow With You

All of our solutions can seamlessly expand to include new functionality. Your business will grow, shouldn’t your solution?

Real-Time Results

All of our solutions occur in real-time. This ensures actions occur before an opportunity is missed.

What Can RTES Do For You?

Create A Personalized Customer Experience

Perform Automatic Customer Interactions

Increase Inventory Turns

Price Optimization

Streamline Workflows


Decrease Inventory Spoilage

Predictive Maintenance

Create Omni-channel Marketing Campaigns

What Else Can RTES Do For You?

Benefits of Using RTES

Overall Lower Cost

When you need to add functionality, RTES can seamlessly grow with your needs without you having to purchase additional software.  This means you pay for only one license and spend less time joining two possibly uncompatible products together.

Seamless Additions

RTES is the only software on the market that combines all of the major decision making alogrithms into one solution. Because of this, additions to your solution are seamless

How Does RTES Work?

As events occur, RTES records each data point in real-time.

As it is being generated, data is compared to historical information.


If certain conditions are met, such as an anomaly, actions are triggered within the solution.

Actions could include reducing the speed of a machine if the machine is running too fast, alerting a patient with a wearable that they may need to rest if her blood pressure has increased or pushing an offer to a customer walking past a display.

IoT in Retail

By using geolocation, customer information and inventory data, retailers can create a highly personalized shopping experience, which can translate to high satisfaction levels for your customers and increased revenues for your buiness

Hidden Revenue Streams in Cities

Most smart cities are only using IoT to reduce costs, however, this is just one part of the puzzle. Cities can also generate ongoing revenue by using the sensors they already have in place and the data they’re already collecting.

The Sky's the Limit

Not sure how IoT can help you improve customer relationships? Let us show you how you can use IoT in every step of the customer life cycle.

Start Building Your IoT Solution Today!

Entrigna specializes in organizing, managing and deriving insights from data. Let us show you how we can help you turn your data into value.