Partner network

Whether you’re looking for a partner to act as your AI team or to license an AI platform, we have you covered.


Complementary Services

Are you customers asking for AI solutions but you don’t have the resources to develop them internally? Entrigna can act as your Data Science and development team to give your customers the solutions they need fast.

Licensing options

Have the  right development team to  create an AI solution, but don’t have the time to write alogrithms from scratch? Our Data Science Canvas contains all of the machine and deep learning alogrithms, so you can develop a solution in weeks rather than months.

Add on Services

We have established partnerships with companies that specialize in cloud storage, hardware, security and connectivity.

Start building your AI Powered Solution today!

Entrigna specializes in organizing, managing and deriving insights from data. Let us show you how we can help you turn your data into value.