Real-Time IoT Solutions

Helping you make the Internet of Things work for your business or city.

Areas of Expertise

AI enabled Smart solutions

Entrigna’s RTES platform is the backbone of all of our IoT solutions. RTES includes all of the machine learning and deep learning algorithms along with a  rules engine and optimizer. This means that our IoT solutions truly are “smart” that learn and adapt from a user’s behavior to return more accurate results or a more personalized experience.

Work with multiple data types

When making effective IoT solutions, often data comes from multiple sources and data formats. Whether it’s an image, product review or a sensor reading, Entrigna’s RTES platform can combine data of multiple sources and formats and return valuable insights and actions.

Real-Time actions

Entrigna’s RTES platform lets you take action as data is being generated. In the moment decisions let you do everything from up-sell a customer while they’re still in your store to increase customer satisfaction by automatically adjusting the temperature in your house without programming.

Machine Learning – Revolutionizing IoT

Our AI solutions help companies up-sell customers in the moment, build customer loyalty by creating a personalized experience and make products run more efficently by optimizing data.

AI powered solutions aren’t only for remote controlling a “smart” product. Solutions built on Entrigna’s RTES platform let users take action in the moment and produce solutions that learn a user’s preferences over time.

Let us show you how….

Insights on the edge

Entrigna’s RTES platform is “edge compatible.” This means that our data models can run on the device itself, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity or time delays sending your data to the cloud for processing.               

Do more with less

Many of today’s most valuable IoT solutions help predict breakages or make processes run more efficiently. Our optimization engine can produce optimized solutions from multiple data sources.

Omni-channel marketing

RTES’ real-time solutions can take information from multiple sources, such as past purchase history and a current location in a store, to generate insights that are used to push personalized offers  to customers in real-time.  

Build customer loyalty

Consumers are presented with a seemingly infinite amount of product choices today. Our solutions help you differentiate your brand by creating personalized experiences for customers that adapts to how they use a product.

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