Image Vault

Providing REAL-TIME medical image access while reducing storage costs by up to 75%

Entrigna’s Image Vault

With real-time access to all medical images, patients receive the most accurate diagnoses when it matters.


Real-Time Access

Seamlessly connect to your PACS system to  see all of a patient’s medical images  in the moment.

Cost effective solution

Reduce storage costs by over 50% by storing medical images on the cloud or on site.

360° VIEW OF YOUR Patient

Integrate with all of the major EMR systems for complete visibility into a patients’ ENTIRE  medical history.

Using Data Lakes to Reduce Costs

The Image Vault is an image data lake – it takes all the medical imaging files that your hospital has collected and stores it in a readily accessible location.   Images are always accessible and insights can be generated whenever needed.

What is a Data Lake?

Data lakes are a flexible way to store all the data that you’re currently collecting – no matter the format. Whether your data is from tweets, purchase history or recorded customer service calls, data lakes can store all of this information together to give you a complete picture of your customer.

Why Make the Plunge Into a Data Lake?

Data is generated at a staggering rate – over 2.3 quintillion bytes of data is generated everyday. Businesses need a flexible way to organize and store this data.    Data lakes are the perfect solution – they let companies collect all the data generated no matter the format or source and store it in one central location.  With data lakes, the data you need is always accessible and insights can be generated when you need it.

Start saving money on image storage today

Entrigna’s Image Vault will let you access all of your medical images in real-time for a fraction of what you’re paying today.