Industrial IoT & AI Solutions

Finding a partner you can trust to create a IoT or AI solution can be challenging. Entrigna specializes in taking data from your machines and turning it into actions that prevent downtime and increase productivity.

Areas of Expertise

non-traditional sensor data

Our solutions take actions not just on traditional structured data, but they also can respond to vibrations, sounds and images.

Smart solutions

Our platform is powered by the latest machine learning algorithms, which means our solutions learn and adapt from past behavior and get smarter over time.

Real-Time actions

All of our solutions take action in real-time. Whether it’s optimizing a route for your employees or adjusting a sensor to prevent downtime, we can do it when it matters – at that very moment! 

Answers to Manufacturing’s        Biggest Challenges

Our AI solutions can fix breaks before they become a problem with our real time actions – eliminating unplanned downtime and optimizing efficiency levels.

The Power of Real-Time Actions

AI powered solutions don’t just have to predict when breaks could occur – they can take actions!

Correct a problem before it becomes one

When anomalies are identified, proactive actions, like adjusting a sensor or shutting off a value occur can prevent an expensive breakage or unscheduled downtime from happening.

Ensure actions are taken

Automatic actions ensure that the problem is corrected, rather than relying on employees to take actions after a report or alert is generated.

reduce scheduled downtime

By having actions take place when anomalies are detected, you can rest assured that your machinery is working efficiently. This let’s you go longer between scheduled preventive maintenance checks.

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