Healthcare IoT & AI Solutions

Finding a partner you can trust to create an IoT or AI solution can be challenging. Entrigna specializes in working with medical images, patient data and sensors to create solutions that solve some of today’s most difficult healthcare challenges.

Answers to Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges

Our AI solutions can improve patient outcomes while increasing a hospital’s bottom line

Pre-built Ehr connectors

Historical patient data can be used to generate some of the most powerful insights in healthcare. Entrigna’s RTES platform has pre-built connectors that are compatible with all of the major EHR systems, including Cerner, Centricity and EPIC.

Industry experience

The healthcare industry is complex – it has ever changing regulations and numerous idiosyncrasies. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry and understands the complex challenges and processes of today’s healthcare system.

Real-Time solutions

In a hospital, every moment counts. All of our solutions take action in real-time. Whether it is predicting a diganosis to adjusting a sensor, we can do it when it matters – at that moment! 

AI powered solutions don’t just have to be integrated into medical equipment. Data that powers positive healthcare outcomes can come from many sources.


Optimize fitness training or monitor high-risk patients to prevent re-admissions and ER visits.


Compare millions of images in seconds to prevent a misdiagnosis from occurring. 

Patient and Hospital Data

Our solutions can do anything from proactively identifying high risk patients to optimizing billing.


Decrease HAIs by monitoring hand washing and route tracking of hospital staff. 

Slashing Overhead Costs in Hospitals with AI

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The Need for Data Science in Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is an approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person (Adams & Petersen, 2016). Precision medicine focuses on individualized treatment across the...

Improving the Patient Experience with Machine Learning

A doctor once told my grandmother “let’s get you well as soon as possible - a hospital is no place for sick people.” It’s a doctor’s primary goal to treat a patient so they can return home, and stay home as quickly as possible. In the past, doctor’s were limited to...

Improving the Accuracy of a Diagnosis with Machine Learning

Healthcare is one of the most challenging industries to be in today in the US. The costs of insurance, medications, equipment, employee salaries and complying with regulations lead to very thin margins for most hospital systems and private practices. Because of this,...

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