Data Science Canvas

Have the IT resources but not the time to build data models from scratch?
Entrigna’s Data Science Canvas and pre-built algorithms let’s you build data models in hours rather than months.

Pre-Built Algorithms

Why waste time writing algorithms when we’ve already created them? All of theĀ  major decision making alogrithms, along with a rules engine and optimizer are pre-built. So your developers can spend time refining your data models instead of coding.

Visual creation

RTES’ entire line of algorithms areĀ  included in the Data Science Canvas. Alogrithms can be easily interchanged using our drag and drop icons and further refined using dialog boxes. Reducing weeks or months off of development time.

Data Connectors

Pre-built data connectors let you easily work with any type of data . Whether it’s an image, a product review, output from a sensor or customer information, the Data Science Canvas can import it.


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