Data Lakes

Flexible storage solutions for your data

Entrigna’s Data Lake Services

Data Inventory

Store all of your organization’s data in one central location so you can ensure you’re creating solutions that return the most impactful information.

Data Storage

Combine and store all your structured data (sales numbers), unstructured data (e-mails), semi-structured data (.CSV) and binary data (images) in it’s raw form and in one location without additional work.

Data management

Generate insights, predict anomalies and take actions based on the data you’ve been collecting with Entrigna’s pre-built connectors that seamlessly integrate with our data lakes to shorten development times and eradicate compatibility issues.

What is a Data Lake?

Data lakes are a flexible way to store all the data that you’re currently collecting – no matter the format. Whether your data is from tweets, purchase history or recorded customer service calls, data lakes can store all of this information together to give you a complete picture of your customer.

Why Make the Plunge Into a Data Lake?

Data is generated at a staggering rate – over 2.3 quintillion bytes of data is generated everyday. Businesses need a flexible way to organize and store this data.    Data lakes are the perfect solution – they let companies collect all the data generated no matter the format or source and store it in one central location.  With data lakes, the data you need is always accessible and insights can be generated when you need it.

cost effective solution

Managing a data lake is extremely affordable. Once created, data lakes only require your technical team to take action when you’re ready to create new solutions or reports with your data

360° view of your customer

Data lakes combine all the data you’re collecting on a customer or product, no matter the format or the source, so you can form a complete view of your customer

The right insights at the right time

Because your data is stored in one location the insights and actions you want can happen when you need them to

short development time

Unlike data warehouse systems where data needs to be processed on its way into and out of the system, data stored in a data lake only needs to be formatted when it’s ready to be analyzed.  So development time can easily be cut in half

Start building your data lake today

Entrigna specializes in organizing, managing and deriving insights from data. Let us show you how we can help you turn your data into value.

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Ready to learn more about how our custom IoT solutions can help you?

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