RTES’s Real-Time Expert System (RTES) is the only software platform that combines all the major decision-making frameworks, such as complex event processing, business rules and artificial intelligence, into a single solution. This design ensures a streamlined solution, free of compatibility issues, for a fraction of the cost of licensing any major competitor's specific product or independently creating all of the functionality delivered by Entrigna's Platform. What's more, because RTES employs a number of decision-making methodologies and can work with data from a variety of sources, whether it’s data from a CRM, a sensor or a smartwatch, RTES can grow with your business and change with your needs. In short, it's a smarter way to do things.


How is it used?

Real-time decision capabilities are needed for any company that wishes to take immediate action based on real-time "events."


A Full Suite of Real-Time Capabilities

The Real-Time Expert System (RTES) is a software platform that facilitates informed decisions in real time. Our software combines structured data, like how many clients opened your company's last email, and unstructured data, like social media posts, to interpret trends and behaviors that provide you with options that change your business.

Our customers span industries, but they all use RTES to:

  • Create Actionable Insights
  • Enhance Customer Relationships
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Make Complex Decisions Faster


Data Virtualization

In today’s market, companies are inundated with massive quantities of data. Many companies collect this data, but fail to take away significant actionable insights that make a difference in their business. RTES solves the problem of directionless data by not only collecting & sorting information, but interpreting it to provide a road map of where you want to go.

Data Virtualization Features

  • Riak capabilities

    Leveraging built in data parsing capabilities within RTES coupled with Map / Reduce features of Riak


    ANTLR type of parsing framework

  • ETL tools

    Leveraging ETL tools such as Abinitio,Astera,Talend & Pentaho

  • LEX and YACC

    LEX and YACC based custom Erlang modules specific to proprietary data formats

  • Hadoop/HBase

    Leveraging Hadoop/Hbase supported data processing & transformation tools & frameworks

  • Client solutions

    Integrating with client specific proprietary data process/parsing / transformation libraries

  • MDM systems

    Integrating with existing Master Data Management (MDM) systems

  • Feed providers

    Integrating with Feed providers using Feed API such as Twitter API, Google API, etc

  • RSS feeds

    Consuming RSS feeds using built-in RSS feed parsers

The RTES Decision Making Framework

RTES enables real-time decisions by offering a full range of decision making frameworks that are packaged together in one seamless technology.These frameworks include:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Business rules engine
  • Classification and clustering
  • Complex event processing
  • Machine learning
  • Optimization
  • Regressions

How it works

Multiple decision layers working together for you

As events occur within a fast and complex business network, RTES runs live data analytics in order to segment each event/opportunity and give you the correct decision hierarchy from which you can command your business.

RTES grahic explanation

RTES has the seamless ability to use any framework in any combination. For example you can:

  • Use an online machine learning algorithm as the primary decision framework, but have a business rules constraint that keeps the results within a certain set of boundaries.
  • Use optimization techniques for generating marketing offers, but embed a set of event triggers that would override optimization results when certain conditions are met.

RTES Functional and Technical Capabilities

Our software is designed to provide a holistic, a world class solution that delivers real time decision capabilities for our customers.We have built the product from the ground up, leveraging leading edge technologies and design architecture, all to fulfill this customer promise.

RTES Functional Capabilities

  • Complex Event Processing Engine
    • Real Time Event Streams & Correlation
    • Temporal Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis Engine
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Regression Methods
    • Alternate Methods
  • Real Time Optimization Engine
    • Adaptive learning based Offers optimization
    • Real time Pricing optimization
    • Predictions & Trend Analysis
  • Real Time Decision Framework
    • Defines decisions in the context of the real-time process
    • Rules and predictive models in decision logic
  • Real Time Recommendations Engine
    • Self-learning predictive models learn on back propagation feedback
    • Collaborative Filtering
    • Segmentation, Classification & Association based recommendations
  • Real Time Data Classification & Clustering
    • Real time capability built in
    • Adaptive Data Segmentation & Ranking
  • Evolving Social Media Listening Engine
    • Integration with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other Social Media
    • Social Network Analysis -Text mining capability

RTES' Technical Capabilities

  • Built for BIG DATA
    • Scalable architecture for massive data processing
    • Works with both relational/structured data and 
unstructured textual data
  • Built-in adapters connect with different data sources
    • Built in adapters to connect with different data sources
    • Database drivers
    • AMQP/MQ based messaging integration
  • Both Sync & A-Sync type of services integration
  • Developed on an Erlang platform
    • Core product is built in Erlang to take advantage
 of inbuilt computational parallelization, load distribution 
and fault-tolerance capabilities
    • Concurrency & event handling inbuilt into the language
    • Erlang runs on all known operating systems – UNIX, LINUX,
 OSX, Windows
    • Built for Multi-Core Computer Architectures for high 
  • Product tuned to run on commodity hardware
    • Runs on both 64-bit and 32-bit CPU
    • For massive data processing, 64-bit operating 
systems are recommended


RTES can seamlessly integrate into your operations

RTES provides the most flexibility when it comes to integrating actionable insights into your live, real-time business processes and operations. RTES integration can be done in a variety of different ways whether it’s through web services, messaging services or custom subscription services.

Integration Explanation Graphic

Because RTES has modules that seamlessly work together and a full suite of functionality, no code customization is required for implementation. Furthermore, RTES has been designed specifically to ensure a smooth integration with each client’s systems. As a result, the need for support from internal customer IT resources during deployment is minimized, which can lead to an extremely fast implementation timeline.

Full Capabilities List

Integration Capabilities & Options List


    ODBC/JDBC based integration into existing RDBMS

  • Messaging services

    Invoking a request/response messaging mode via middleware such as RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ or IBM MQ


    Asynchronous JSON/HTTP and/or XML/HTTP based integration

  • File transfer integrations

    SFTP/FTP and other custom notifications such as Control-M notifications

  • Custom Adapters

    Custom data source adapters leveraging both TCPIP/IP and UDP type protocols

  • Client API

    Integration using proprietary client API such as Teradata client, etc.

Internet of Things

In today`s world, the Internet of Things or IoT is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. Entrigna`s RTES product specializes in taking information from sensors, whether the data is from machinery or a smartwatch, analyzing the data and making real-time decisions.

Some of the decisions that Entrigna can help you with are :

  • Predicting breakdowns before they happen
  • Making real-time adjustments to a workout schedule
  • Telling machines to do different tasks based on different RFIDs
  • Pushing personalized offers to customers based on their location in a store
  • Presenting offers to customers for overstocked products

What are Real-Time Decisions?

Our software can deliver value to any company, regardless of industry. The RTES Platform can gain intelligence from collected data so actions can be taken in real time.

Options that meet your needs

  • Licensing to Support your Business

  • RTES can be licensed and supported by your Analytics team and is ideal for customers who have the resources to utilize RTES independently and customize the RTES platform to their business needs.

  • Consulting to Implement Change

  • Entrigna also provides Professional Consulting services, acting as your analytics and support team to drive solutions. This is ideal for customers who do not have the IT or Data Science resources to implement their desired impact. We pride ourselves in providing an end-to-end process that guides you from assessment to prototype and on to implementation. First, we work alongside you to understand your desired insights and output specifications. In this stage, we'll evaluate your current systems, processes and data to understand how your information is structured and stored. Next, we create a prototype that meets your needs and exemplifies the value of the solution. Finally, we validate and implement so you can get to work.

Where is it used?

No matter what industry, Entrigna can create a solution that helps your bottom line. Take a look at the industries we serve:

  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Grocery / convenience
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial supply / logistics
  • Insurance
  • Internet of Things (IoT) services
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing services
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Utilities
  • Wearables


Entrigna is derived from the Greek term “Trignos – Three cornered” representing the vision of the founders to deliver three-dimensional solutions. While most organizations today are focusing on either cost or quality, Entrigna aims to deliver innovative solutions meeting the business needs in the most cost effective manner. The three dimensions – Business Needs, Technology Innovation & Lowered cost are enforced as the core principles of delivery resulting in the term “En-Trigna”.

Our Team


Murali Kashaboina, Founder & CEO

Murali Kashaboina is the founder, CEO & President of Entrigna Inc. Murali is a Technology driven Business oriented leader & evangelist who brings 17+ years of IT experience in the areas of Travel & Transportation,E-Commerce, Real-Time Predictive Architectures , Real Time Business Intelligence, Event-Driven Services Architecture, Enterprise Architecture & Strategy, Applications Development & Delivery, IT Strategy, IT Project Execution & Governance, Technology Governance,IT Total Cost of Ownership Optimization and Agile Software Development Methodologies. Most recently, Murali served in the capacity of Managing Director,Enterprise Architecture at United Airlines and played a key role in the Merger Integration of United & Continental Airlines and in the selection of merger-surviving Enterprise Systems,ensuring business viability of systems in a perspective that could ultimately enable the realization of billions in revenue synergies.

During 2004-2006, Murali was the Lead Architect for united.com and led the Architecture & Delivery of next generation online Booking Engine, one of the largest initiatives at United Airlines. His deep understanding of the intricacies involved in building real software for real world business problems and seamlessly enabling them for real business consumption, helped him in forming a strong technology group for Entrigna which truly is the differentiator of the company.

Murali advocates that “Organizations should auto-pilot & cruise towards Profitability and Success by fueling their Business Operations with Real Time Intelligence that flows through and persists tangibly in their own Real Time Business Data”.

Murali is an ardent knowledge-seeker with the belief that knowledge and expertise should be shared and not hoarded. Going with this belief, he published several white papers on various key technical subjects. Murali holds a Masters’ degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Dayton, Ohio


Venu Middela, Co-Founder & SVP

Venu is a seasoned veteran with 18+ years in building, architecting and managing Enterprise IT infrastructures including business critical ecommerce sites,mission critical IT operational systems.

Prior to joining Entrigna, Venu served as a Senior Manager IT at United Airlines Inc. managing IT infrastructure Middleware Engineering teams supporting Airline operations,customer channels. Prior to this role, Venu served as the Principal Infrastructure Architect at United, implemented Virtualiztion technologies across the enterprise,consolidating IT infrastructures,instrumental in stabilizing IT operations, meeting Enterprise Operational SLAs. Prior to United, Venu served as an Infrastructure Lead at Military.com, a web based portal serving 30 million Americans having Miltiary Affinity.

Venu holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. Venu is an avid sports fan & loves to travel.


Prasad Nagu, Co-Founder & SVP

Prasad brings over 18+ years of IT experience and has been involved and lead multiple multi-million dollar projects.Prasad has worked in B2B business exchanges, Travel/Airlines, Finance, Utilities domains. Prasad believes machine learning will become more ubiquitous as the technology evolves. Prior to founding Entrigna, Prasad worked as Principal Enterprise Architect at United Airlines. While at United Airlines he was key player is some of the major initiatives including booking engine, Notifications Gateway, Merger with Continental, etc.

Prasad has Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Business Administration.


Rebecca Camus, Marketing Specialist

Rebecca is the Marketing Specialist at Entrigna. Prior to her role at Entrigna, Rebecca was a Marketing Manager in GE Healthcare’s MR department. While in this role she was responsible for planning training events for the sales and applications teams and improving customer relationships. She was also a member of the Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP) at GE Healthcare and worked on initiatives involving pricing, competitive intelligence and mobile application development. Prior to her time at GE, Rebecca worked at Abbott Laboratories as a Business Analyst where she supported Abbott Spine’s ERP and CRM systems.

Rebecca has a BS in Computer Science, a BA in Theology and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame.


Geeth Narayanan, Co-Founder & SVP

Geeth Narayanan is the co-founder of Entrigna Inc. and a dedicated IT leader with over 17+ years of experience in the design, development and delivery of cost-effective,high performance technology solutions in various industries including banking, airline etc.Geeth is a results-driven executive with extensive experience leading people and project teams, developing business transformation and technology strategy roadmaps, implementing and overseeing technology solutions that spans multimillion-dollar budgets.He strives for optimal balance between strategic and tactical orientation with a focus towards delivery. He enjoys challenging leadership opportunities providing value-added technology solutions leveraging his business experience and systems expertise to contribute to the profitability of a growing organization.

While working as a Director for Enterprise Applications and Information Architecture with United Airlines, Geeth played a key role in the merger of United and Continental Airlines including successful delivery of United’s “Customer Day One” program where he led a cross-subsidiary architecture for seamless customer experience. As a Lead Architect for the customer portfolio he led the delivery of Mileage Plus’ next generation “MP 2.0” program that delivered Airline Loyalty industry leading Redemption products weaving-in CIO's IT multi-year vision items into program delivery. Prior to that, he led the architecture and delivery of United’s multi-channel, multi-product Merchandising program,that enabled United to deliver industry leading ancillary revenues. As a Senior Architect in the Ecommerce area he was instrumental in building the 3 Billion annual revenue generating united.com website. Prior to that Geeth worked as an Architect for Washington Mutual bank building their next generation Middleware Platform.

Geeth is an avid technology blogger and follower of technology blogs to keep himself up-to-date on technology. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Toledo, Ohio.

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